July 2015, Victoria, B.C.: Getting there!

Since July 2nd we’ve been spending every day recording at Joby’s cozy studio – live drums and percussion, electric and upright bass, grand piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, backing vocals galore… And I can say this much: all we’ve accomplished until now by far exceeded my expectations. There’s some interesting stuff going on here!

I am in a state of bliss, and so happy to have included a song written by our friend Paul O’Brien, featuring him on guitar and vocals. After all, without him we would not have ended up here at Baker Studios in the first place.

Here we are after the session right in front of the studio’s door that looks out on the huge, wild premises – from the recording booth I see a mossy old tree, where a small lizard visits sometimes… The fact that Joby and his lovely wife Theresa are the sweetest hosts, and fantastic cooks at that, is pretty much the icing on the cake. Does this sound promising?