To be able to fit the band in one car for a change, we’ll be trying something different this fall. Coming up are two concerts as a trio. Next to my favorite bass player Lars Hansen, fantastic guitarist Mirko Michalzik will be joining us – with instrument and voice, which is truly a special treat.

October 19th we’ll be premiering at the lovely Landgasthaus Bönstrup up north, and on November 15th you can find us at the notorious Uns Dörphus Hörsten. Looking forward to this more quiet but no less groovy, and also very intimate, setting.

I am happy to announce that there is a new live date in Hamburg this spring; we’ll be playing here:


And this is the awesome line-up:

Heinz Lichius – drums
Lars Hansen – bass
Berthold Matschat – keyboards
Joachim Schlüter – guitar
Claas Überschär – trumpet / flugelhorn
Regy Clasen & Lothar Atwell – backing vocals
It’s going to be brilliant!

CD-Release Hamburg, 22.11.17

It’s been such a lovely evening – a perfect ending to our little tour. I must thank this fantastic band that harmonizes so well in so many ways – it’s been an honour to have you with me. Thank you to Thomas Schröder, who found time to bestow us with an amazing sound in Hannover. Thank you to all hosts and venues, we were made to feel very welcome everywhere. Thank you to all the people who actually came to see us – your attentiveness and kind feedback has encouraged me to keep venturing out into the world with my music. And thank you to Benjamin Hüllenkremer, who has wonderfully captured some moments of that special night in Hamburg and commented on it so benevolently in in his blog:


Here I am in THE classic women’s magazine in germany, BRIGITTE. Thank you, Stephan Bartels, for 5 Bs!

The review’s rough translation:
Too happy for music
Falling in love can be a downside in one’s career, like for instance Stephanie Hundertmark. She was planning her new album when she met her future husband, and suddenly creativity ran dry, because unfortunately she was too happy. Meanwhile the 49-year-old Hamburg Singer-Songwriter has overcome this problem – and produced a record in a basically sunny mood. “Enjoy the View” is jazzy, poppy and has a smooth and gentle groove. And her husband played bass on two of the tracks. This is as good as it gets!

As ‘Enjoy The View’ is truly native-american, we have been honored by the fact that it is available for purchase in the wonderful stores of American Heritage in Germany and Austria. This is a really special kind of support – thank you, Sabine Ryan, for making this possible!

Check out their lovely merchandise in Augsburg, Munich, Salzburg, Stuttgart or Hamburg – while I’m singing!

Here’s the translation of their Instagram-Post:                                                                 May we introduce to you singer-songwriter Stephanie Hundertmark from Hamburg?! Starting now, you can listen to her new album “Enjoy The View” with timeless, softly grooving songs in our stores. The album reflects her musical roots in the american west coast area and is true pleasure for the soul. California Feeling as we like it, an American Heritage Tip for you!

Friday evening, May 5th – for a short moment, the album reaches number 4 in the Itunes-jazz-charts! Thank you Timm at Ambient Domain for noticing!

And then there is this nice review in Schall-Musikmagazin, a german magazine about german music. Thank you Grit Brugasch!

Here’s my attempt at translating her kind words…

“Twelve years after her first, Stephanie Hundertmark releases her second CD – which might be unusual, but seems to comply with her and her way. Fame was never the objective, she merely wanted to make her music and share it. This laid-back approach is tangible in the songs. Much has happened during those twelve years and she experienced that is is easier to write about pain and sorrow than about happy times. Yet she wonderfully managed to realize the latter in her new album. She sounds completely natural and at peace. Her music merges jazz, pop, soul and swing elements into an individual sound. But the icing on the cake is her sensuous groove and a warmth of soul that pours from the songs and her voice. It is an album that radiates positive energy – in sounds and words.” 

This is a title by canadian singer-songwriter Paul O’Brien, an actually quite sad song from the perspective of someone whose parent suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, more and more eliminating the person they used to be. I get a lump in my throat each and every time I sing this song…

Considering this album would not exist like this without Paul, it’s only fitting that it contains one of his fine compositions. Featuring him on guitar, naturally, and beautiful backing vocals.

By the way, the album is available for preorder on amazon now!!!

Here it is!





And, like I said, I’m really proud of the result.

The album is an impressive Joby Baker calling card, displaying his many varied qualities. It also features the fantastic cuban-canadian Miguelito Valdes on trumpet and percussion, Paul O’Brien, of course, and my husband and favorite bass player Lars Hansen. I am particularly thrilled to have Joachim Schlüters guitars and Berthold Matschat on harmonica enrich several tracks – thousands of kilometers between us and a 9 hour time difference were no obstacle anymore…

I absolutely love my brother Daniel’s artwork for cover and booklet as well as the fact that it’s of all recyled and recycable materials (even if the cd’s still plastic…)

What’s more, I can already state that without the help of Timm and Ansgar at the Label AMBIENT DOMAIN and especially Hasko Witte (who’s in a way the one to blame that I recorded this album in the first place) I would have been quite at a loss regarding this release – guys, you’re the best!

And now here’s a little prewiew: