This is a title by canadian singer-songwriter Paul O’Brien, an actually quite sad song from the perspective of someone whose parent suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, more and more eliminating the person they used to be. I get a lump in my throat each and every time I sing this song…

Considering this album would not exist like this without Paul, it’s only fitting that it contains one of his fine compositions. Featuring him on guitar, naturally, and beautiful backing vocals.

By the way, the album is available for preorder on amazon now!!!

Here it is!





And, like I said, I’m really proud of the result.

The album is an impressive Joby Baker calling card, displaying his many varied qualities. It also features the fantastic cuban-canadian Miguelito Valdes on trumpet and percussion, Paul O’Brien, of course, and my husband and favorite bass player Lars Hansen. I am particularly thrilled to have Joachim Schlüters guitars and Berthold Matschat on harmonica enrich several tracks – thousands of kilometers between us and a 9 hour time difference were no obstacle anymore…

I absolutely love my brother Daniel’s artwork for cover and booklet as well as the fact that it’s of all recyled and recycable materials (even if the cd’s still plastic…)

What’s more, I can already state that without the help of Timm and Ansgar at the Label AMBIENT DOMAIN and especially Hasko Witte (who’s in a way the one to blame that I recorded this album in the first place) I would have been quite at a loss regarding this release – guys, you’re the best!

And now here’s a little prewiew:

And it’s great to be travelling and making beautiful music with him!


This April, Lars Hansen (Bass), Heinz LIchius (drums) and myself will be joining Paul on the following dates:

Sun, April 3, 6 p.m. – Thomaskirche Klecken, An der Thomaskirche, 21224 Rosengarten

Mon, April 4 – Mi, 6,  8 p.m. – Kanapee, Edenstraße 1, 30161 Hannover

Fri, April 15, 8 p.m. – Bürgerhaus Alte Johanniskirche, Uferstraße 3, 58258 Gevelsberg

Sat, April 16, 8 p.m. – Schloss Wolfenbüttel, Schloßplatz 13, 38304 Wolfenbüttel

Sun, April 17, 6 p.m. – Nikodemuskirche, Kirchenstraße 9, 21256 Handeloh

Tue, April 19, 8 p.m. – Stageclub, Stresemannstr.159a, 22769 Hamburg

Sat,April 23, 8 p.m. – Kulturbahnhof, Bahnhofstraße 5, 01471 Radeburg

Sun, April 24, 6 p.m. – Kreuzkirche, Windmühlenstraße 45, 29221 Celle

More dates:

See you there!

…bring may flowers. Well, the songs have been mixed and mastered, now the same has to happen to the artist. Fortunately, there are a bunch of talented people helping me with this, so I hope do get some pictures of me that match the quality of the recordings!

Apart from that, there will be a cozy little “TREETS” performance on March 20th at the Kulturwerkstatt Altona. When the ‘Uptown Girl’ becomes the ‘Uptown Girl from Ipanema’ and Peter Schilling’s ‘Major Tom’ mingles with   David Bowie’s, then we will be in the Eighties of a different kind – and of course, unplugged you can’t go wrong!

So I’m back in my daily routines, but the beautiful experience still resounds, and so far I’ve received some extremely positive feedback on the recordings. Joby is currently doing some last adjustments, and then I will have to see how to release the baby into the world!
Before that happens, the notorious Paul O’Brien is due to visit Europe once again, and I shall join him on some of his shows. We’re confirmed October 14th-18th at the Kanapee Hannover. We played two wonderful shows there past April; it’s just the greatest little venue!
I’m very much looking forward to that and hope to join Paul on a few more dates.

Since July 2nd we’ve been spending every day recording at Joby’s cozy studio – live drums and percussion, electric and upright bass, grand piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, backing vocals galore… And I can say this much: all we’ve accomplished until now by far exceeded my expectations. There’s some interesting stuff going on here!

I am in a state of bliss, and so happy to have included a song written by our friend Paul O’Brien, featuring him on guitar and vocals. After all, without him we would not have ended up here at Baker Studios in the first place.

Here we are after the session right in front of the studio’s door that looks out on the huge, wild premises – from the recording booth I see a mossy old tree, where a small lizard visits sometimes… The fact that Joby and his lovely wife Theresa are the sweetest hosts, and fantastic cooks at that, is pretty much the icing on the cake. Does this sound promising?

I admit it has taken me quite some time, but now it is actually going to happen: a new CD is in the making. I will spend this july in Victoria on Vancouver Island to record some of my songs with the brilliant producer and musician Joby Baker. I am so excited and even more curious, and naturally very much looking forward to the whole experience.

If all works out, the album to come will have a real West Coast taste to it… So stay tuned…!!

After 14 years now, after countless recording-sessions with Ansgar, many fantastic songs, plenty of wonderful concerts and even more wonderful encounters I am bidding farewell to Vargo. Ansgar has plans for great things and I really can’t wait to see what is going to happen. I can promise you it’ll be worth to keep an eye (and an ear) on that!
Vargo will always have a special place in my heart, as you can imagine. So will Ansgar, who has taught me a lot and who, with his vision and power, has accomplished so much for the two of us. And it is not only the music that we created (and that is here to stay!)- to have received so much support and help in various ways from most different directions has blown my mind every time.
All you people out there who listened, encouraged us and became the wind beneath our wings – thank you so much. To learn that our music was able to touch people as it apparently did was the most amazing part. I am grateful and proud to have had my share in that – and to say “Farewell” with this wonderful album