About me…

Bio_small-x300My music education began when I was four. No avoiding the recorder classes in elementary school; in third grade I started piano lessons.
10 years old, I recorded a vinyl record of christmas songs with the local children’s choir, with a solo in the first verse of ‘Kling Glöckchen’ – first steps.

After spending my senior year at Canyon High School in Anaheim, California, I began to seriously sing in bands and write songs. Which eventually led me to Hamburg – this is where I’ve been living and am working happily since 1991. Having been accepted at the Music Academy of Hamburg’s legendary ‘Kontaktstudiengang für Popularmusik‘ was another crucial experience, and ever since I’ve been part of various projects, bands, events. I’ve done tons of a cappella, sung backing vocals live and in the studio, did all kinds of vocals for advertisements, tv and motion pictures, and I also have done an abundance of children’s songs over the years.
I am truly proud and grateful to have been the second half of ‘Vargo’, a chillout-band that for more than a decade has been quite successful in its genre all over the world and released a goodbye-album in 2014.
Lately I have been touring with the amazing canadian singer-songwriter Paul O’Brien, who visits Germany on a regular basis, and I am also part of an exciting vocal quartet named ‘TREETS’ currently working on a very jazzily arranged eighties-repertoire.

But most of all, this site is about my very own songs that I’ve been writing since the late 90ties. In 2005, I had the magnificent, recent Emmy Award-winning actress Christiane Paul borrow my singing voice in a TV Movie. The four songs from that film have been published, in combination with some of my own, on the album ‘Wishlist’.
Not long afterwards, I had the honor of performing at the legendary local music show ‘Lauschlounge’ as the first artist not writing in german. A live performance at the exceptional Northen German Radio-Series ‘Hamburg Sounds’ followed. And after a time of being involved in other projects I was asked to perform at the Hamburg ‘Altonale’ Festival – which I did, kind of rediscovering my own music. That’s when I began to imagine what it would be like to have another go at my songs being arranged, produced and recorded professionally.
To dare to ask the producer of my dreams if he’d record an album with me, planning and realizing the sessions in beautiful Victoria on Vancouver Island with all the appearing musicians, pretty much single-handedly preparing and manufaturing the actual cd and organizing the release with all that comes with it (for the very first time, at that) – I suppose all that may eventually take a couple of years… But now the CD is ready for takeoff!