Welcome to my website!

Mission accomplished – here’s my new album!
And it is called, after the final track: ENJOY THE VIEW
Since may 5th 2017 it’s been out in the world.

So when in 2015 I had this rather crazy idea to travel to Canada to record my songs with producer Joby Baker in his lovely studio on Vancouver Island – within three weeks – I did not quite realize what kind of venture I was getting into. But what can I say – everything turned out to be perfect. This gut feeling that the grammy-nominated multi-instrumentalist, singer and recording-wiz Joby would be just right for my songs was proved more than correct. I am so happy and really proud of this record!

Have a listen to a little preview in the player at the top left. And check out some live impressions of our concert november 17 in Hamburg – with this incredible band…

Enjoy the sound and spread the word – I’d really love to to share this.